Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nation of Ulysses - 13-Point Program to Destroy America

Very influential yet short-lived DC political punk/post-hardcore band. Known for their intensity, they weren't afraid to show their varied range of influences from Ornette Coleman to political instigator Guy Debord and his "Situationist International" collective. It's more proof that Dischord is one of the best indie labels ever.

They also published a zine called "Ulysses Speaks" which was handed out at their shows.  You can read some of them here.

Get the album HERE.


  1. Yo soy fucking fan de Make-Up. And i'm Proud!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seen these live back in 92 in Wales. Fucking killer!!!
    The first side of this album sounded like it was recorded in one take as you can hear Ian breathing between a couple of tunes after knocking out that trumpet!!

  3. Steve Kroner is Dead!!!!!!!