Thursday, January 1, 2009

La Monja Enana - Un Secreto Terrible (2005)

First post of '09!. The album is actually titled "Un secret terrible". This might be one of my guiltiest of pleasures. It reminds me of the last two summers. La Monja Enana has been making music since 1997 and consists of Ana and Juan. Some might recognize Ana from her other musical project Cola Jet Set. Just plain fun!

"Since their formation in 1997, LA MONJA ENANA, never cease to surprise us with the most bizarre and amazing talent that any Spanish indie group could possibly possess. Their debut single was nothing more and nothing less than “Single of the Week” in the prestigious English magazine, Melody Maker, and the deceased and adored John Peel sang their praises each time he played one of LA MONJA ENANA’s songs on the air."

"LA MONJA ENANA is not your typical group with a defined path. Throughout their long, and at times, slower than usual career, they have played in Sweden, Russia, Paris and they put out a compilation in France and Mexico. The band has also been Single of the Week in Melody Maker. All of this happened without much effort from the group. LA MONJA ENANA is relaxed because they know that every once in awhile, without having to move a finger, something un-heard of happens and changes their career. Perhaps its largely due to their scientific-literary-paranormal theme in their music or it could simply be that when you listen to their music without preconceived notions, you appreciate all of the wonderful tunes with a catchy melody, a crystal and natural voice, together with surprising sounds." -Belén from L-Kan

todo es mas sencillo sin gente alrededor

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