Saturday, January 3, 2009

Arthur Lee & Love - Live at the Knitting Factory, May 1st 2002

Love, one of my most cherished bands. When I found out back in 2006 that Arthur Lee had died of leukemia, i felt intense grief as if he were a personal friend. But i truly feel as if he were, his lyrics and arrangements move me deeply, and have accompanied me through thick and thin. Forever Changes is an irrefutable masterpiece, ive heard this record countless times and it fails to grow old. Well, after Artie served a 12 year sentence for firearms possesion he went on tour in 2002 with Johnny Echols(original guitarist of Love) and the "Love" band also known as Baby Lemonade(my guess is its a Syd Barrett reference). This live album is an excerpt of said tour and it includes many of my fav Love tunes, including: she comes in colors, alone again or, que vida, you set the scene, etc. etc. Here the violins and horns are replaced with some blazing guitars which really add some spice to it, one hell of a show, you can really feel the energy of the crowd. enjoy.

Thrum pum pum pum...


  1. I saw Arthur on his first two tours after getting out of prison. Both shows were fantastic affairs. High energy, charisma, and great music. I feel so lucky I got to see him before he passed.

  2. ahh you bastard. who are you anyhow?

  3. I'm just little old me. A music freak who follows way too many blogs because he likes way too much music.