Thursday, January 1, 2009

Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes (1998)

My favorite rock n' roll band's classic masterpiece! This album changed my life!

"Apocalypse Dudes presents Turbonegro's trademark deathpunk sound in a mighty rockin' fashion, "a new resurgence of glam rock'n'roll" as the Boomba announcement put it - much due to exceptional guitarist Euroboy, who was playing with the band live since 1996.

Moshable magazine commented: "Apocalypse Dudes is the perfect mix of classic 70's US punk / rock'n'roll like The Dictators, The Heartbreakers & The Ramones... every tune on this release is fucking brilliant". Even Jello Biafra was quoted as saying, "the new Turbonegro record is possibly the most important European record ever.""

Get It On!
Turbojugend San Juan

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  1. Yow!! Has it really been 10 years since this came out?? In any case, it kicks mucho culo! I'm embarrassed to say I never really listened to it before, but now that I'm blasting it, it's putting a smile on my face and making me want to start a band again! Perfect riffs and heavy freaking production.