Monday, January 12, 2009

Keith Hudson - Pick a Dub

Seminal album by "The Dark Prince of Reggae". It's one of the first dub albums ever released and it features the incredible rhythm section of Aston "Family Man" Barrett and Carlton Barrett from The Wailers. Augustus Pablo also plays on a few tracks and it has cut up vocals by the likes of Horace Andy of Massive Attack fame.

"The late Keith Hudson's 1976 Pick A Dub was one of the first dub albums. Stuttering melodica, squelching keyboard and guitar chops and a mix which dropped instruments in and out of the sound picture every few bars made this one a must-have." -The Wire-

Michael Talbot Affair


  1. The reggaedontologist. A must have.

  2. The best dub album ever! Genius production.

  3. Whoa! Beautiful dubs. Made my morning. Thanks!