Sunday, January 11, 2009

Los Nikis - Los Nikis 1981-1989

This is not the original artwork for this album!

One of my very favorite Spanish bands along with Siniestro Total and Eskorbuto. They are just plain fun and put me in a great mood!

"Los Nikis ("The polo shirts") were a Spanish pop-punk group of the 1980s that were associated with la Movida. They were nicknamed "The Ramones from Algete" with songs that feature very simple music and humorous lyrics and subject matter. Some of the more famous song titles, for example, are: Mi chica se ha ido a Katmandu ("My girl left to Kathmandu"), Navidades en Siberia("Christmas in Siberia"), Olaf el Vikingo and Medicina nuclear.
Their cover of Born to Be Alive consisted of just repeating "Me voy a Benidorm" ("I go to Benidorm!"). They also covered Rhythm of the Rain (originally by The Cascades) as "No vuelvo a ir a Benidorm" ("I won't go to Benidorm again") with lyrics criticizing mass tourism in this Spanish coastal city. The local administration declared them personae non gratae."

El Imperio Contraataca


  1. Ouch! Great post. The fisrt time I saw them I was 14. It was on Escuela de Caminos supported by Los Vegetales.

    Love Los Nikis!!!

  2. wow! two amazing bands!

    I'll post some Los Vegetales later today :p

  3. el primer video esta muy cabron. me encanta el tirao dandole puños al piso.