Friday, January 9, 2009

Sun Ra - Space Is The Place (1974)

"Why doesn't the earth fall? How can you walk upon it? Its the music...its the music of the earth, of the sun, of the stars, the music of yourself, vibrating... yes, you're music too. You're all instruments, everyone's supposed to be playing their part, in this vast orchestra of the cosmos."


  1. Try to find "Space Probe" by Sun Ra, you'll dig it.

  2. Any of you spaced out Ra-freakazoids have the actual soundtrack album for 'Space Is The Place'? (not to be confused with the confusingly album also called Space Is The Place (but that is Ra's fuzzy fifth dimensional logic for ya) has been posted a few times but all the links are dead which is kinda bizarre..clearly the CIA spooks that Ra encountered in the film are still at large, I blame the archons myself!

    One of my all time favourite films, it never gets tired and I have watched it countless times over the is the place? hell yeah!