Saturday, July 30, 2011

Swamp Dogg - Uncut And Classified 1A

My first vynil rip, and its a doozie. An out of print stellar studio session by chasm favorite: dementorian soul man Swamp Dogg.

"One of the great characters in rock and soul music is Jerry Williams, better known as the eccentric, idiosyncratic, and always entertaining Swamp Dogg (no relation to Snoop Doggy Dogg). A Virginia native, Williams invented his own legend by claiming that he had little proper schooling, only to wake up one day and find himself a musical genius (his words). Actually, Williams is very talented, and an early association with Jerry Wexler and Phil Walden led to him working for a number of years as a producer, engineer, and occasional songwriter with Atlantic in the '60s. At decade's end, however, he decided that the time was right to unleash Swamp Dogg's singular view of the world on an unsuspecting public."

"The initial result was one of the most gloriously gonzo soul recordings of all time, Total Destruction to Your Mind. Along with living up to its title, it was a renegade chunk of not-quite-commercial music, with an unforgettable (though fuzzy) cover shot of the portly Dogg in his underwear. Although undeniably great, Total Destruction to Your Mind is one of the most obscure soul records ever made. That, however, has nothing to do with the music, which rocks in a way reminiscent of Solomon Burke or Wilson Pickett. The album's charm may have to do with Dogg's world view: part libertarian politics; part Zappa-style critiques of commerciality and capitalism; and part horny male, the latter defining for better and worse his view of women. Although he spent years working in the industry, Dogg was simply not the standard-issue soul type. And that was good. Dogg continued to make records, albeit infrequently, after 1969, some good, a few great, and most all extremely difficult to find. With contemporary soul sounding increasingly mannered and sterile, Dogg's yelling, screaming, and general craziness is missed."

320 Papi Joe

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sibylle Baier - Colour Green

Ive been meaning to upload this for a long time now but I simply forgot. Sibylle Baier, man oh man what a lovely fraulein. I fall madly in love with her each time I put this record on, simply one of the best folk records ever made. A friend calls her the only singer/songwriter in the same league as Leonard Cohen, female or otherwise, I wont argue that.

"Sibylle Baier is a German folk singer and actress whose musical abilities achieved belated recognition with the 2006 release of the album Colour Green, compiled from songs she had recorded in the early 1970s.
Having played guitar and piano as a young girl, she was moved to write her first song, "Remember The Day", after taking a road trip with a friend across the Alps to Genoa, via Strasbourg.
She appeared in Wim Wenders' 1973 film Alice in the Cities, and her music is also featured in Umarmungen und andere Sachen (1975) and in Wim Wenders' "Palermo Shooting" (2008) . Baier opted not to pursue an acting or singing career, and eventually moved to America where she concentrated on raising a family."

"The songs that went on to make up her album Colour Green were home reel-to-reel tape recordings Baier had made in Germany between 1970 and 1973. Some thirty years later her son Robby compiled a CD from these recordings to give to family members as presents. He also gave a copy to Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis, who in turn passed it along to the Orange Twin label. Orange Twin released the album in February 2006. She is expected to release a second studio album." [wiki]


Friday, July 8, 2011


In this past summer despite being completely broke-ass and jobless I've somehow managed to have a blast regardless. Be it beach houses, the few remaining punk shows here and there, shrooming in rivers or just hangin' at a friend's house talking shit til 5 in the morning. A common denominator at these outings are good tunes, and lately there have been three bands that seem to go hand in hand at these gatherings: The Black Angels, Tame Impala and Dungen. Although some might argue that they are different in nature I sense them to be cut from the same cloth and seem to embody the same radiating spirit. These factors are a recipe for a wholehearted good time with the bretherin.

The lesser known of these is Dungen: a swedish Psych Rock band, sometimes folky sometimes Canterburyanly proggy, always good. Here I've gathered the majority of their oeuvre with the exception of the first two albums which I cant seem to find anywhere. (a link would be mighty kind).

Stadsvandringar (2002)

Ta Det Lugnt (2004)

4 (2008)

Skit L Allt (2010)

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Request for all out there; Lage Lund

A friend is looking for the song "Teo". It's a cover by the guitarist Lage Lund who uploaded the bootleg to his site a while ago. If anyone has it please give us a link. Thank you.