Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inner Circle - Reggae Thing

this album stands out of many of the 70s era reggae recordings. its music is unique, beautiful, very melodic and emotional. jacob miller in the vocals, chinna smith in the guitar, horsemouth wallace at the drums and augustus pablo at the keys. this is a gem.

jah music!

Bibio - K Is For Kelson

what a working man. Mind Bokeh just came out and when you least expect it comes Bibio with a new EP out of fucking nowhere. its a 4 song album that has some great harmonic explorations. get a glimpse.


Com Truise - Galatic Melt

feels like the 80s, having sex with vhs tapes, hanging out with a young boards of canada, four on the floor all the way, synthwise selectah, robots speak to me, lsd and where have you been all this time?

gracias feldy.