Friday, July 8, 2011


In this past summer despite being completely broke-ass and jobless I've somehow managed to have a blast regardless. Be it beach houses, the few remaining punk shows here and there, shrooming in rivers or just hangin' at a friend's house talking shit til 5 in the morning. A common denominator at these outings are good tunes, and lately there have been three bands that seem to go hand in hand at these gatherings: The Black Angels, Tame Impala and Dungen. Although some might argue that they are different in nature I sense them to be cut from the same cloth and seem to embody the same radiating spirit. These factors are a recipe for a wholehearted good time with the bretherin.

The lesser known of these is Dungen: a swedish Psych Rock band, sometimes folky sometimes Canterburyanly proggy, always good. Here I've gathered the majority of their oeuvre with the exception of the first two albums which I cant seem to find anywhere. (a link would be mighty kind).

Stadsvandringar (2002)

Ta Det Lugnt (2004)

4 (2008)

Skit L Allt (2010)

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