Sunday, January 18, 2009

DJ/Rupture - Uproot

Sandunga already posted the excellent Nettle album, here's DJ/Rupture's mix from last year that was one of my favorite records of 08'. 

Rupture's mixes always have this unique cohesion to them. Drawing from a pool of worldwide artists these songs from varied genres and moods blend together perfectly going by with an almost dreamlike flow. The album feels like a journey from beginning to end which isn't very common amongst mix albums.

"Uproot oozes self confidence, with effortless mixing of disparate source material. The hour-long record does not seem to run nearly this long, due to the economy of ideas and excellent pacing. Dancehall bangers flirt with chamber music, Nigerian folk and Moroccan hip-hop, eventually decaying into an extended suite of near beatless ambient post-rock. The closing tracks recall Godspeed You! Black Emperor, a striking contrast with the first half of the record’s wobbling low-end bass and dub. It’s an exquisite way to cool off a mix. Uproot is an accomplished release from one of New York’s finest DJs, one that deftly illustrates his transition from showy wunderkind to an elder statesman of forward-thinking mixology."


  1. Alex subete el cassette de Distorcion Rebelde!


  2. Las ganas mías. Yo creo que esta ahí en una caja que tengo llena de cassettes pero no sé como cambiar eso a mp3's. El guitarrista tiene una banda nueva por ahí, hay que preguntarle si lo tiene.