Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Young Nico

One of Arnaldo Lozada's (aka AJ Davila from the band Davila 666) side projects.  It mostly consists of avant garde, avant/free jazz, and Badalamenti/John Cage like experimentation sometimes with vocal samples and loops over it. Every instrument from sax, to piano, to percussion, ext.. was played and recorded by Arnaldo.

Young Nico is also part of a collective that consists of Isabel Borbon, General Jackson Jackson, and Yussef Aranasky.  I'll put up some of their albums later on. 


  1. Crazy... So I've had this record for a couple years and have put it to some heavy rotation, one of my favorites from chasm filler. Just recently I lost all of my digital music and so had to check this post again to recover the album... and I'm really fucking baffled. If this is a solo project, are all of the artists that the Young Nico 'myspace' links to pseudonyms of this one person? Or are they separate entities that share a name (and music...?)? Regardless, if there are any more recordings by any of them in the aether I'd be stoked to hear it. Big ups and thanks again for all the music.

  2. Thanks for the interest. They are all just one person even though he doesn't want you to know. I'll try to get some of the other albums and put them up. Check out Davila 666, it's the main project of the guy who does Young Nico and all the other characters. It's garage-rock-pop.