Friday, December 19, 2008

The Damned - The Black Album.

Long before jay-z, The Damned spat out this lil gem of an album. Anyone not familiar with these mongrels, The Damned rose from the cesspool of early UK punk rock. One of the best and most persistant of the bunch. They burst out with the first ever (UK) punk rock single "new rose" and shit just hasn't been the same since. They're charectarized by a hokey goth influence which never overshadows their raw rock and roll energy. This is one of my all-time favorite bands, and this is The Black Album, one of their most overlooked and really my favorite, after that would have to come Machine Gun Ettiquette. Here we have some of their better known singles including "wait for the blackout" & "history of the world" one of their catchier tunes. If I ever were to make a top ten list of fav songs ever, which i hesitate to do, "Curtain Call" the apt-titled closer would be on the top of the list, a 17 minute mammoth of a track. Enjoy.

shadowboxing with yourself just seems to get you nowhere.


  1. new rose was not the first punk rock single ever, it is the first UK punk rock single..The Ramones and The Dictators released stuff before them.

    good album anyways!

  2. Ill correct it then, thank you anonymous bosch.

  3. thank you!!! have wanted to hear this for a loooong time, since i lost my cassette tape of it...and i only know the single-LP version, i'm so anxious to hear Curtain Call. thanks again.