Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tom Verlaine - Warm and Cool

A few days ago Abe asked me about albums similar to Ry Cooder's soundtrack work in "Paris, Texas". I told him some few names and albums, but I totally forgot about this glorious solo effort by Television guitar maestro Verlaine. He crosses all moods from aggressive to deeply melancholic in his brilliant playing while the original Television rhythm section (Billy Ficca and Fred Smith) give rock solid support, even throwing some krautrock rhythm pulses here and there. But it's Verlaine who's the one allowed to shine, and they know it, so they just stand back and let him soar. Awesome.

w & c


  1. One of my favorite recent memories was watching Verlaine improvise like a madman during a 18 minute+ version of Marquee Moon. It was an outdoor show and time had run out and the sound guy kept telling Verlaine he was going to cut him off. He didn't care, he just kept on soloing. The sound guy was screaming his head off and Tom was cool as a cucumber never missing a note.