Friday, December 5, 2008


More Neu!, as requested.

"After splitting the band up, Rother and Dinger eventually regrouped for their best album. Strangely, it's anything but a cohesive masterpiece: Neu! 75 sees each occupying fenced-off artistic territory, the tracks divided fifty/fifty, and the components of the group's music being separated and ushered to extremes. Rother's fascination with texture and harmony results in wintry, crystalline music, frosted by keening analogue synthesisers and pristine lead guitar; Dinger has little patience with all that, and weighs in with two pieces of proto-punk lunacy. The moment at which Rother's painfully hushed Leb Wohl ("Good luck") gives way to the scabrous intro to Dinger's Hero acts as an utterly incontestable argument for divorce. That Dinger proceeds to the utterly insane After Eight, in which two fuzztoned chords pummel it out while the song's author and vocalist sounds like he's flying, bat-like, round the studio, only adds to the impression of barely-managed discord."-John Harris


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