Monday, December 8, 2008

Neil Young - Dead Man OST

Abe request.

Although Neil Young is mainly known as an incredible songwriter, he's also a true Sonic Barbarian of the best sort. Listen to his mangled guitar excursions on Crazy Horse, his feedback opus "Arc", and his barren, bleak instrumental work for Jim Jarmusch's celebrated "Dead Man".

Mr. Blake


  1. Yessss. Also the best Jarmusch film by far.

  2. Thanks for uploading this, I love this movie and its soundtrack.

  3. Dead man is nothing without the soundtrack. the music is overwhelming and overpowering. it is the greatest composition for a guitar. if you don't agree, watch the movie without the music and compare. every note touches the soul and stays with you forever.
    Russia loves NEIL YOUNG.

  4. I feel like the one who proclaims the emperor has no cloths, I thought the movie was great, story line well written and entertaining, but the sound track, seriously, the same thing over and over and over and over. There where so many places where pure silence would have been so much more enjoyable. It doesnt matter my Judment of Neil Young, he has proven himself amazingly talented, but this sound track, sorry I dont get it.