Monday, December 8, 2008

Buena Vista Social Club - Live at Carnegie Hall

Recording of Buena Vista's legendary 1998 performance at Carnegie Hall, some of which was featured in Wim Wenders' excellent documentary. They play all the songs from the studio album along with a few other Cuban classics.

"This set is every bit as necessary as the solo albums by the singers, and perhaps even more than the studio effort. It is not only a historical document; it is a living, breathing piece of work that guarantees the transference of emotion from tape to listener, and cements the Buena Vista Social Club's place not only in the Latin music pantheon, but in the larger context of popular music history."


  1. Can't believe I've never heard this...It sure sounds awesome from the description. Thanks for posting.

  2. It came out not too long ago. Wayyy overdue.