Monday, December 15, 2008

Colleen - The Golden Morning Breaks

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"On the surface, Colleen's second release is much like her debut, Everyone Alive Wants Answers. Born Cecile Schott, this young French artist with a determined D.I.Y. mentality still mixes melody and minimalism, favoring a warm, even dreamy sound which often sounds like a mixture of acoustic folk and Renaissance classical run through an electronic blender. [..] The Golden Morning Breaks has a more transparent and believable quality, and yet its wispy melancholy is still totally beguiling. Rather than approximating some sort of hallucinogenic dream-state, the music on Schott's second CD sounds like courtly chamber music of an ancient, contemplative and very wise civilization. And as interesting and celebrated as Schott's first CD might have been, the second represents a thoughtful movement into a deeper and more expansive musical world."

Bubbles which on the water swim

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