Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rivers Cuomo - Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo (2008)

Holy fucking cockballs! Am I crazy or is this the second collection of Rivers Cuomo's home recordings?! Fuck yeah it is bitch! Shitty crap man, look at that motherfucker, it's like the Weezer cd us fans should've had years ago. Well, not quite mah boi, but it's still a great collection of songs and a must have for any Weezer fan. Some songs are good, some are bad, but there is a honesty here we haven't seen since the Blue Album and Pinkerton. Rivers is the creative force behind Weezer's songwriting process and this collection gives us insight into his complicated mind. These reviewers express what many fans of Rivers and Weezer might think:

"Weezer albums of late have tried masking Cuomo's myriad insecurities (girls, addictions and his own songwriting prowess) with dumb-as-a-post riffing and lyrics so hokey that they must be some kind of inside joke for an audience of one. But stripped of Big Rock pomp, "Alone II" is a more tender take on those concerns, with a few revealing moments of sweet-hearted guitar pop. Between this and the first "Alone" installment, there's enough gristle for the third-best Weezer album as yet unmade. Cuomo's Patron problems are beatable -- it's the "Pork & Beans" that's really derailed him lately." says August Brown

"Cuomo still doesn't allow himself the freedom to venture in these directions on Weezer's albums, and that's what makes both volumes of Alone quite valuable: they're as eccentric as they are accessible, portraits of a pop hermit letting his mind wander wherever it may take him. " -All Music Guide


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  1. esto esta mejor que los ultimos 4 discos por mucho. el cover de "dont worry baby" se guillo de cabron.