Thursday, December 11, 2008

Boards Of Canada - The Campfire Headphase

The last album that these brothers worked on. It took two years to make. It was recorded on a new studio they built so the sound is totally different from any other BOC record, but its still true, they can work on some incredible sounds that no one seems to have. Its also full sampled acoustic guitars they played so it kinda has more conventional song structures. "We usually imagine our music to have a visual element while we're writing it, so we were picturing this character losing his mind at the campfire and compressing weeks of events into a few hours, in that time-stretching way that acid fucks with your perception" said Michael Sandison. Incredible soundscapes as usual, dreamlike harmonies, spaced out melodies and beats that vary from acoustic to electronic.

This ends my Boards Of Canada blog posts marathon but i do exhort you to look into this duos music and get everything you can because its worth it and its maybe something that might make your days a lot easier to get by. Smoke up in your garden and put these album in full volume because your gonna have a nice experience.

Farewell Fire

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