Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Neil Motherfuckin' Young.

Why more people arent into Neil absolutely escapes me. He has influenced absolutely everybody, including your mom. I blame that whole pearl jam fiasco.

here's his first solo album, after he stirred shit up with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby Stills Nash & Young.

the loner = fucking classic.

after that, he went ahead and spawned this lil' gem. Cinnamon girl, Down by the river & Cowgirl in the sand; are you fucking kidding me?

Maybe its his cro-magnonish facade


  1. Actually, the album he made with Pearl Jam is pretty damn good :-)

  2. too bad it doesn't save pearl jam from sucking dick!

  3. i was thinking more along the lines of "keep on rocking to the free world" on the mtv awards.