Friday, December 5, 2008

Bohren und Der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission

For Abelardo. Bohren & Der Club of Gore specialize in what they "Doom Jazz" or 'Death Jazz", which means playing instrumental sinister, noirish instrumentals in a turgid, slow molasses-like pace, akin to Doom Metal. The result is a stunning, powerful concoction of prime Badalamenti filmwork with Doom miserabilists GORE. This is a prime example, their third album. One of my favorite groups of recent times.

"The cover of the album shows night descending on the wet streets of a residential/industrial landscape. The music included within is for a couple of hours later, when there is only darkness and the breath of a saxophone to keep you company. Reminiscent of Trevor Jones (Angel Heart) or Angelo Badalamenti's soundtrack work (especially for Mulholland Drive), Bohren & der Club of Gore rely on understated Fender Rhodes, piano, double bass, gentle brush work on drums, and a lilting tenor saxophone. Sounding like a long suite collectively improvised and not a collection of individually composed songs, Sunset Mission showcases the contributions of each member equally. Morten Gass' stunning keyboard work is balanced by Christoph Closer's emotional tenor sax. Underlining each track are Thorsten Benning's subtle kit work and the slow-motion groove of Robin Rodenberg's double bass. And while it is easy to fall into hyperbole when describing Bohren's music, they themselves are masters of the restraint necessary for this type of jazz to work and be compelling. This is slow, dark, and especially lush jazz, perfect for a booth at the back of a narcoleptic lounge, with a cigarette slowly burning down past the filter, watching secret lies being passed between one-night." - James Mason

Dead-End Angels


  1. Thanks. I downloaded "Black Earth" a few hours ago and it's great. I love this description of them:

    "The tunes are all long, drawn-out affairs, with aural images of abandoned streets and buildings on foggy nights, or steamy sewer grates inviting only the most desperate lovers and recreational killers and thieves out to roam through the blackness together. It's so delicious, so overwhelmingly intoxicating and sickly sweet that it suffocates the listener with the twin scents of sex and death. Indispensable macabre listening."

  2. "Alone in the comforting darkness the creature waits. As confusion reigns on this hellish stage, the deafening grind of machinery, the odious clot of chemical waste. Still, the trail of his ultimate prey leads through this steely maze to these, the addled offspring of the modern world."

  3. thank you very much for introducing me to my new favorite group--this is the mood i've been searching for to help me with my late night writing. just perfect! wish i had known of them earlier since they just performed in los angeles recently. maybe next time! thanks again!

  4. Our pleasure, thanks for the kind comments.

  5. saw these guys in Germany (Essen), the show was literally intoxicating, walked out drunk and euphoric..!