Monday, July 13, 2009

Smith Westerns

These chicago youngsters are the newest addition to Hozac records and they are like the illegitimate sons of the black lips, and the black lips are the asshole father who forgets your birthday and picking you up from soccer practice because he is to busy getting drunk and having affairs overseas with a hot british stuardist. In the vein you can notice their affinity for the ever new upcoming garage scene but don't be fooled you can tell they have tons of influences up they're sleeves, some songs sound like they've been sprinkled with magic "glam" dust, Although this is not as "garage" as their firt Ep they definitely started off with their right foot with this lo-fi catchy LP, this has been on my stereo for quite the time, it's hard to get out these catchy- as-hell songs from my head.

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