Monday, July 13, 2009

Baikal - Baikal (2007)

One of the best releases of 2007. Two heavy jams by what is essentially Bardo Pond.

"Baikal is a new burner from Bardo Pond brothers John & Michael Gibbons along with fellow Bardo Pond members Clint Takeda and Jason Kourkonis. This time they ventured down the route of heavy free-improvisation and a Last Exit style hard rock approach coupled with a hard psych bend. With two tracks each weighing in at over 30 minutes in length it’s clear that Baikal is a deep voyage underseas with yet another Bardo Pond sideproject featuring Bardo brothers John & Michael Gibbons as your tour guide."

pal de babies


  1. yei, voy a bajar esto.
    pensaba que habian mas cosas de Bardo Pond en este blog. No encuentro nada.
    am i making this up?
    anyway, estaria bien chevere si subieran algo de Bardo Pond. =)


  2. saludos mariola!

    you are not making this up! jajaja
    hay cosas de bardo pond en el blog pero creo que mis camaradas no pusieron los tags...
    por eso no aparece nada.

  3. Mariola:

    Let me know if you want/need more Bardo or side projects (Hash Jar Tempo, Third Troll, 500mg etc.)

    Raul gracias por esto que no lo tenia!

  4. Hey! Super chevere, gracias! :)

    I actually haven't heard any of these side projects, except Baikal now, which i've liked (Gracias Raul)
    Any recommendations? Me imagino que todo ira mas o menos por la misma onda.
    I'm curious to hear Dilate(always with the thought-provoking titles) and their first one, which i can't find either.

    Pon alante lo que tu creas que valga la pena. :)
    I usually trust this blog's quality control.

    Gracias, saludos.