Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hash Jar Tempo - Under Glass

Continuing with Bardo Pond related projects, Hash Jar Tempo sees the group augmented by Antipodean guitar psychogeographer Roy Montgomery (solo and group records by him forthcoming). The name is a pun on one of krautrock's greatest (guess who), and the music is, well, listen for yourself. Titles like "Atropine" and "Hymenoptera Amber Crybaby" should give you a hint.

Wavves suck


  1. sii!!
    and yes, Wavves suckea TANTO. No entiendo el hype. I actually saw them live in a festival en Barcelona, went to see what all the fuzz was about... it was so painful. They literally cannot play their instruments and singer was soo fucking high on i don't know what. I left after 2 songs cause i couldn't take it anymore and then i heard that the singer had a drug-induced breakdown on stage and they had to cancel their tour. YAY.