Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Robedoor - Rancor Keeper

More choice drone for my friend the Abester.

"With sleeve artwork boasting a demonic octopus-headed figure standing at the mouth of some diabolical, cyclonic gateway, this record sets out its stall from the outset: Rancor Keeper is a maelstrom of deep, dark noise constructions, spewing forth torrents of contorted instrumentation (believe it or not there's cello, guitar, percussion and keyboards buried in here) and harrowed, wailing voices. Californian duo Alex and Britt seem to have refined their unholy din for this release, distilling the Robedoor sound to a godless horror show of atmospheric sonic punishment. While pieces like Penitent Runes' and 'Abyss Whisperer' certainly sound hellish, there's always some sort of harmonic cogency lurking in the details, but by the time we reach fifteen minute closer 'Wendigo Psychosis' the pair really plummet into the furthermost reaches of noise, initially falling through a gentle five-minute drone passage, before ultimately combusting into a feathery, distorted mass." - Boomkat

Douchious Andronicus

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