Friday, September 18, 2009

Keith Hudson - Flesh Of My Skin, Blood Of My Blood

This one's for Pachist.

I already posted Hudson's excellent Pick a Dub. Here's another classic widely considered to be one of the darkest reggae albums ever made.

"Anchored here by Santa Davis and George Fullwood from the Soul Syndicate - alongside musicians like Augustus Pablo, Count Ossie and Leroy Sibbles - Hudson's mood is tormented and dazed, as on titles like Darkest Night, My Nocturne and Testing My Faith he struggles for Black senses of commitment - political, existential, religious - at its breaking point. Magnificently and deadly serious, hauntingly unique, unmissable and unforgettable."


  1. THE Best Reggae album, closely followed by Heart of the Congos and Keith's own Rasta Communication.