Monday, September 7, 2009

Ambitious Lovers - Greed

The Ambitious Lovers were Arto Lindsay and Pete Scherer, playing art-damaged, serrated pop. Contributors to this album include: Naná Vasconcelos, John Zorn, Vernon Reid, Bill Frisell, and Joey Baron.

"The Ambitious Lovers then settled down to a duo of Lindsay and keyboardist Scherer, although John Zorn, Vernon Reid, Nan� Vasconcelos and others make contributions to Greed. Still frequently spattered with nutty noises, the album is surprisingly accessible; Arto's singing (again in English and Portuguese) rarely requires listener indulgence. So if "King" contains some impressive chicken squawk guitar and a houseful of Latin percussion instruments, the song itself is reasonably mainstream. Whether Greed is viewed as a commercial compromise or a more subtly subversive undertaking than the first LP, the mixture of normalcy and extremism gives it fascinating dynamic tension." - Mark Fleischmann

Anthony Royal


  1. Blaps! a ver si posteo un poco de Lindsay que hace falta.

  2. True that, no se ha posteo na del Airto solo

  3. 1. arto es un rey desde dna

    2. el primero de los ambitious lovers es increible, tambien

    3. los discos de mezclas de electronico y samba que hizo en las 90's
    son super importantes

    4. airto, tan bueno que es, es otra persona