Saturday, September 19, 2009

Keith Hudson - Rasta Communication

For Abelardo, another masterwork from The Dark Prince of Reggae aka the Reggaedontologist.

"Virgin thought it had snagged the next Bob Marley when the label signed Hudson in 1976 -- and it did, in terms of artistry. But the hard-core Rastafarian wasn't malleable like the pop-conscious Marley. That said, Rasta Communication is the most refined record in Hudson's awesome discography. But it's still heavy; they didn't call Hudson "the dark prince" for nothing. Virgin was disappointed, and Hudson explained why on "Felt We Felt the Strain" -- "Never change me, never change me, I never change..." - Justin Farrar

My eyes are red


  1. Indeed. Be sure to pick up "Flesh of my Skin.." also, posted by Abe.

  2. yeah yeah yeah!!! keith hudson fucking rules. so good. thank you.