Sunday, September 20, 2009

Debris - Static Disposal

Deranged 70s motherfuckers kickin' out the mindmelting jams. If you like dross like Vivian Girls or Jay Reatard, steer clear.


THE Charles "Chuck Poison" Ivey: Low frequencey modulators, synthesizers, 'detonic guitar on "Flight Taken", sequential screams and marvelous moans.

O.Powers (Rectomo): Vibraharp, variable multi-stringed electronic exasperator coupled with various electronic special operations devices, b-flat coronet, vericose verbalizations and gruesome groans.

Johnny Gregg: Drum, drums, visceral vocals and gorgeous grunts.

Assisted by:

Dirk E. Rowntree: Triangle ("Manhattan"), Chinese Wood blocks ("Flight Taken"), composed and delivered Lizard King's dream speech ("Flight Taken"), composed dramatic readings ("Female Tracks")

Richard Davis: Sax, Organ, and 8" Circular Saw

deanna 'D': Sensuous mouthings on "Female Tracks"

Dana: Prisoner of Rock 'n' Roll

"Name-checked in the now legendary Nurse With Wound list and originally released in 1976, this one of a kind Dada/punk/psych masterpiece from Chickasha, Oklahoma is a must for fans of raw, twisted and beautiful pre-punk psychedelia. Influenced by bands such as Captain Beefheart, the Stooges and early Roxy Music but more akin to contemporaries such as Hearthan era Pere Ubu, Siren-era Chrome, Indiana-era MX-80 Sound and Canadian miscreants Simply Saucer, Debris'sole LP is a slice of truly mind altering sonic mayhem.

Tracks 1-11 taken from the original 1/4" 15 ips mixdown master tapes and were recorded on December 10 and 16, 1975 at Benson Sound Studio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and mixed at Benson's on January 20, 1976.

All tracks digitally mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, May 1999."

Fuckity fuck

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