Monday, November 3, 2008

Jeff Magnum.

Apparently the pressures of a follow up to "In an airplane over the sea" were too much for Neutral Milk Hotel's frontman. They broke up in '98 and this is all that remains.

Jeff Magnum - Live at Jittery Joe's (2001)

"Introduction" – 0:26
"A Baby for Pree/Glow into You" – 3:50
"Two Headed Boy" – 5:40
"I Will Bury You in Time" – 2:51
"Gardenhead" – 3:44
"Two Headed Boy Pt. Two" – 5:37
"I Love How You Love Me"[1] – 3:26
"Engine" – 5:13
"Naomi" – 5:19
"Jesus Christ"[2] – 1:25
"Up and Over"[3] – 2:52
"Oh Comely" – 7:56


Major Organ and the Adding Machine.

"When Father Was Away On Business"
"His Mister's Pet Whistles"
"Kissing Behind The Rubbery Grinder"
"Un, Deux, Trois"
"Your Moonpie Eye"
"Madam Truffle"
"The Fireman's Guitar"
"Moonpie Eye Sensation"
"Swimming, Laughing, Playing"
"Barry's Lung"
"Water Dripping On Bread Makes Bread Taste Not So Tasty"
"Walking In The Sun"
"Abe Lincoln's Moustache"
"The Snack Bar"
"Francisco's Victory"
"Powdered Abe Lincoln"
"Do The Moonpie Eye"
"Life Form (Transmission Received)"


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