Friday, November 7, 2008

Louis Sclavis - L'Imparfait Des Langues (2007)

What can I say about this one besides the fact that I stumbled upon it accidentally? French clarinetist and saxophonist Louis Sclavis is at the forefront of contemporary jazz music. He was one of the first to combine jazz and french folk music. This album, an adventurous and surely refreshing contemporary jazz proposal was one of the best last year. It's amazing when you come to think of it, that Sclavis had minimal, if any, prior exposure with this newly assembled group.
According to John Kelman from "A commission for Monaco’s 2005 Festival Le Printemps des Arts, the performance was canceled at the last minute with the unexpected passing of Prince Rainier. All dressed up with nowhere to go, Sclavis took the group into the studio and recorded the album in a single day. The energy of discovery is in plain view as Sclavis’ new group searches for—and finds—its own vernacular."
L'Imparfait Des Langues features great creativity and improvisatory work; proof of Sclavis' unique musical language, which has proven itself nearly impossible to duplicate. It's an intelligent proposal that relentlessly grabs the listener's attention. A must have!