Monday, November 17, 2008

Fripp & Eno - The Equatorial Stars (2004)

Thirty years after their last collaboration, these guys are at it again. Eno, a pioneer of what was coined as ambient music, and Fripp, an innovator in all things guitar, create textural soundscapes unlike any other.
"The Equatorial Stars utilizes the same basic concept perfected on their previous works (emotionally charged liquid lead guitar tones snaking over rolling ambient loops and washes), but in the bare minimum of time. The album contains music that is less composition than artifact of the infinite permutations associated with this method of design. Although high-concept in its origins, The Equatorial Stars is saved from exceeding the grasp of its listeners by the warm, consonant and utterly engaging melodies produced by guitarist Robert Fripp. This album is a wonderful example of inward turning slow-music, but it's greatest success is in revealing the human side of these two iconic figures of the ambient music genre"

I encourage Sandunga Cat to post more from this dinamic duo.

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