Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don Cherry/Krzysztof Penderecki - Actions

Penderecki is one of the great modern composers. He's most famous for his piece "Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima" which you've probably heard on different films. Here he teams up with free jazz madman Don Cherry and an orchestra packed with the cream of the crop of European improvisers for a live album recorded at theDonaueschingen Music Festival in 1971.

Cherry's pieces are a blend of arabic chanting, oriental and indian music mixed with his explosive passages of energy playing and jazz freak outs.

I'll let the BBC explain Penderecki's piece which is called "Actions for Free Jazz Orchestra":

"The Penderecki piece explores the balance between composition and improvisation in a less playful yet no less meaningful way. Drones and extended techniques such as overblowing (which explore a concern with timbre) sit alongside brass chords which hang in the air as well as 4/4 walking bass. Apparently influenced by the Original Globe Unity Orchestra piece of 1967, "Actions" often sounds more overtly 'jazz' than that group; there are episodes that showcase the explosive playing of guitarist Terje Rypdal and saxophonist Brotzmann that will make your hair stand on end."



  1. Hello i'd dearly like to hear this unexpected combination ,but it was not there any more on mediafire-any cahnce to reup?That would be very kind!

  2. Please! Reup this one. Cant wait to hear it


  4. It's a stunning album, but 2 separate performances... I'm not sure that Don Cherry plays on Penderecki's side. Don's suite is fantastic and there's even one embryonic theme from the "Relativity Suite" (JCOA). Anyway it was originally released by the excellent German label Wergo and has recently been reissued on vinyl!
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