Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As The Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade.

Mark Stewart was the frontman of the Pop Group, perhaps the most sonically inventive and politically aggressive post punk group. After The Pop Group, Stewart teamed up with Dub maestro Adrian Sherwood of the On-U Sound ensemble and the group of Skip Mcdonald, Keith Leblanc and Doug Wimbish, also known as Sugarhill Records' house band. The results were stellar in their debut "Learning to Cope with Cowardice" (to be posted soon) but on this album they truly grasp the sonic equivalent of a world being torn to pieces. Dub treatments ricochet everywhere while vocal transmissions fall in and out with outrageous sampling and pure static hovering like pissed off ghosts. A sonic gauntlet that has been rarely picked off after it was released, this ear cleanser is not for everybody. Only adventurous Sonic Barbarian Motherfuckers need apply.


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