Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Peter Brötzmann - Fuck de Boere : Dedicated to Johnny Dyani

Germany's Colossus of the sax turns pillars of concrete into dust with his unforgiving, blistering SOUND. An essential document of European free jazz.

"I am hoping that German saxophonist Peter Brotzmann will be given his just due one day as an avant garde Godhead. Maybe, just maybe, in the same fashion that saw the late mainstream hornman, Joe Henderson, become a reluctant icon, although past his prime playing. This two concert CD documents Peter Brotzmann in the maelstrom of like-minded European improvisors. Fuck De Boere is equal parts justified political diatribe and historical relic of the then burgeoning European outcast scene. "Machine Gun" is performed here as its first incantation, three months before the BRO/FMP release. Brotzmann leads this nine-piece aggregation in a wash of sonic spectacle. This version of "Machine Gun" is forty minutes of sometimes frustrating episodic beauty and excess, all dedicated to the late South African bassist, Johnny Dyani.

Even in this boys-noise of swirling tenor saxophones (3), blurping trombones, and the skrunk of Derek Bailey's guitar, Peter Brotzmann proves himself to be an acute listener.All in all, both pieces offer an uncompromising blend of free jazz that lacks the focus and variety of Brotzmann's subsequent work.Track listing: Machine Gun (17:34)/ Fuck De Boere (36:33).Personnel: Peter Brötzmann Nonet: Brötzmann, Willem Breuker, Gerd Dudek, Evan Parker- saxophones; Fred van Hove- piano; Peter Kowald, Buschi Niebergall- basses; Han Bennink, Sven-Ake Johansson- drums. Peter Brötzmann, Willem Breuker, Evan Parker- saxophones; Malcolm Griffiths, Willem van Manen, Buschi Niebergall, Paul Rutherford- trombones; Derek Bailey- guitar; Fred van Hove- piano (organ); Han Bennink- drums. Recorded: March 24, 1968 and March 22, 1970, Frankfurt, Germany." - Ludwig Van Trikt



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