Friday, January 8, 2010

Dean Roberts - Be Mine Tonight

New Zealand's deliverer of phantamasgoria in songform in one of his best solo efforts (after the masterpiece "..And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema"). Few can enter and turn a song inside out like he can. Produced by Valerio Tricoli of fellow tricksters 3/4HadBeenEliminated.

"Beginning with the post punk rock trio Thela and moving through White Winged Moth and into his solo recordings, Dean Roberts has marked himself as a guitarist of unique talents. Be Mine Tonight is the first recording from the New Zealander (now based in Vienna) since And The Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema was released in 2000.

Roberts has played a variety of solo gigs and played with some of the heavyweights of electrical/acoustic improvisation. �Be Mine Tonight shows how �Roberts has moved from electronic texturing into songwriting and arrangements, combining rock music and sound manipulation. �

Be Mine Tonight �is a recording of songs. �Slow, often wrenching songs where the brush of a cymbal, a voice or a plucked string can have great impact. �Through arrangement, processing and editing Dean Roberts has crafted out rock that presents listeners with familiar forms as it challenges them with oblique gestures. �Improvisational and electronic strategies are ably utilized to push the dimensions of rock songs played by a group of people together in one room.

As Roberts told Grooves magazine; "The idea was that we would do something with really elaborate arrangements using largely acoustic instrumentation. �Something like a 60s recording, and in place of a string quartet or orchestra playing harmonic parts, it was approached like imagining a contemporary music ensemble was used instead."

Be Mine Tonight is the very first production of a young engineer and composer Valerio Tricoli, a rising name in the world of improvisational music. �It was recorded in Bologna , Italy from Dec. 2000 to Dec. 2002. �Giuseppe Ielasi, of Fringes Recordings and a legend of Italian improvisational guitar, contributed prepared guitar, as did Christian Alati. �The deft drumming by Antonio Arrabbito marks his recording debut. Roberts played acoustic and electric guitars, piano, percussion, bass, harmonium and glass harmonica." - Kranky


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