Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pain Teens - Destroy Me, Lover

Houston's finest purveyors of nightmarish noise rock, with demented vocalist Bliss Blood in particularly fine form in this release.

"Trance has signed a number of talented bands that together define a fairly new sound that is unique to the label. The Pain Teens find a way to pull their music through your head and while it flows there, pounding rhythms set the stage for eerie tales of torture and power. Obscure samples, freaky tape loops and mesmerizing guitar effects wash around throbbing percussion for a disturbing ride through the mind of a psychopath. Then you realize it’s not a psychopath at at all, but bits and pieces of every day life. Then they turn around and deliver such a simple and pretty ballad as their cover of “The Story of Isaac” and still manage to leave you with a major case of the willies. We love the gruesome, the tragic and the warped. It’s reality and the Pain Teens drink it for breakfast."- Grind



  1. well done! this is a good band, in fact the title of the disc remember me another band, a japanese band called DMC (Detroit Metal City) and one of them song titled "murder/sweet lover" man this people are totally insane.