Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food - Last Supper

Another great example of the Scandinavian "New Conception of Jazz". Led by Arve Henriksen (Supersilent, Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, Veslefrekk).

"New on Rune Grammofon from Arve Henriksen's exceptional Food project! Food was formed at the 1998 Molde international jazz festival when the profiled English sax player Iain Ballamy was invited to perform with three exceptional young norwegian musicians, including the incredibly gifted Arve Henriksen. It soon became clear that the blend of Iain's distinctive saxophone and Arve Henriksen's breathy trumpet textures was the perfect foil for the entrancing bass and drum trips created by Mats Eilertsen and Thomas Stronen. A key aspect to "last supper" is the delicate balance between the melodic and lyrical nature of Ballamy and Henriksen´s playing and the electronic soundscapes that Food started to explore with their previous album "veggie" - all glued together by an astonishing rhythm section. Another boundry-pushing album from one of the most innovative labels and musicians of our day - Highly Recommended." - Boomkat



  1. Great blog!Can you please post Albert Ayler' s Prophecy?

  2. I never hear about them, but I really like the cover you put here, thanks for sharing, I'm gonna look for music thanks.