Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Dub Plate Selection

Ryan Moore is a Canadian expatriate living in the Netherlands, part-time Legendary Pink Dots and Tear Garden member, and total dub-obsessed fanatic who indulges in it in his project Twilight Circus, which has released quite a few albums and collaborations with Jamaican and English deejays and singers over the years. This is one of his heaviest offerings. The legendary Sly Dunbar plays drums on a few selections.



  1. I saw them open in Detroit for Download, brilliant fuckin show! Maybe 1996?

  2. Big LPD & Ryan Moore fan. Thanks for this. been listening to a lot of King Tubby & Lee Perry between my bouts of Pink Dots, so I'm sure this will slide right in just perfectly.

  3. That release could be perfect because it's something psychedelic, because the colors and the name of it, but I have some doubts if it might be fir children too, because of the content. Could you give me more references?