Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cul De Sac - Ecim

Formed by John Fahey acolyte and Throbbing Gristle enthusiast Glenn Jones in the early 90s, Cul De Sac specialize in a concoction of surf rock, musique concrete, ghost blues, eastern trance motifs and heavy psychedelia with prominent electronics. This is their first album, from 1992.

"Soundscapes that inspire a riot for the mind's eye."- Simon Reynolds

"Their sound exists at a nexus where kraut rock, American primitive guitar, Gong-style UK drug-space, Stockhausen, and the experimental wing of the avant-garage all meet w/ a splat." -Byron Coley

La china de Bairoa


  1. One of my all time favorite albums. Always in heavy rotation.

  2. Reading these album's characteristics I know I'll have to buy that first album because it sounds crazy, if it has different electronic sounds I'LL get crazy.

  3. The sound reminds me of krautrock bands, similar to HEU! and Can.