Monday, November 2, 2009

Dali's Car - The Waking Hour

For Popu. Mick Karn of Japan meets Peter Murphy of Bauhaus in this skeletal, haunted song collection.

"Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, Mick Karn of Japan and Paul Vincent Lawford came together to produce one record as Dali's Car in 1984 called The Waking Hour. Simultaneously haunting and charming, they stir up the bittersweet melodies of a broken down carnival caravan. Karn's unmistakable, tense bass pops contribute a clammy chill to Murphy's staidly playful words and regal groaning voice. Their songs are without vaults or embellishments, but maintain the elegant dignity of harmonious repetition, never straying far from hues near gray." - Marc Kate



  1. thank you lads!
    much luv, p!

  2. Not as good as Tones on Tail, but I think this is PM's best post-Bauhaus project.

  3. a friend of mine had everything they produced; the picture discs, the different versions of the albums etc... not a massive discography admittedly but the only band that he could say he owned everything... the bass used to disturb me a little, but the judgement is the mirror was a great track and we'd spent a lot of time waiting for PM to come up with some decent post-Bauhaus stuff...

  4. Indeed it sounded great. BTW awesome blog Loki, I'll be visiting it regularly!

  5. The Post-punk is one of the best one Genre of the modern music, so I think that it is their best album, I have been listening ti since I was 23 years old, thanks for sharing!! cool!!