Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boards Of Canada - Hooper Bay

some obscure hard to find stuff from the Scottish duo. it seems to be the soundtrack for the British TV series 'Look Around You'.

very scientific.

get it here!


  1. first of all, great blog :D
    but be alarmed that this is probably fake, sorry
    there are thousands of fake copy's floating around on the internet, but the official tape has never been released.

  2. there are fake goods on the internet ? heaven help us.

  3. yes, i`m aware of this, but this tape was legitimately released by the band. apparently, every site containing information on the album includes a running time of 22 minutes. the album I uploaded has a total running time of 8 minutes.


    According to Discogs, the album should have a running time of 32 minutes.

  5. i just wrote that down in my copybook now.

    thank you!

  6. That Scottish electronic music duo is one of the best one in the Electronic music, so I think that it is my favorite!!! so I have some of their albums such as Music Has the Right to Children and Hooper Bay, I have beenin some of their concerts.