Tuesday, April 27, 2010

.O. Rang - Fields And Waves

Talk Talk's rhythm section deep into Fourth World Electronics, eastern-tinged massive dub soundscapes, gamelan colours and techno-mystical rhythms. Fucking 90s ruled below the surface bwoy. Features Bark Psychosis's Graham Sutton on holo-guitar.

"Bassist Paul Webb and drummer Lee Harris were bandmates for a decade in the influential British band Talk Talk. A year after the band's final release -- 1992's critically acclaimed Laughing Stock -- Harris and Webb built a studio that they dubbed The Slug. Once the studio was up and running, the duo allowed all sorts of musicians to come in and improvise with them, using the resulting music as source material with which to create the music heard on 'O'Rang's albums. The band's recorded debut was the EP Spoor (1994) followed by two full lengths, Herd of Instinct (1995) and Fields & Waves (1996). The recordings were originally released on Echo Records and later picked up and reissued (except for the EP) in 1997 by Chicago's Hit It! Recordings, followed a year later by the new Remixes. 'O'Rang features Webb and Harris on a variety of instruments, incorporating dub rhythms, various percussion, and thickly layered atmospherics to create a rock music that has been highly praised by U.K. publications such as The Wire, The Times of London, and Melody Maker." - J. Lane

motherfuck crystal castles


  1. Ese disco y la banda son la mismisima ostia.

  2. Si mano, lastima solo sacaran dos discos pero que discazos fueron.

  3. Calidad vs. Cantidad mi querido felino. Cuando baja para esta area para auspiciarle par de frescas?

  4. EPIC!

    Thnks amillion
    am now looking for it on vinyl