Sunday, April 4, 2010

James Brown - Nastiest Meditational Funk

These three albums by Soul brother No.1 contain some of the most mind-numbing, skull-crushing grooves ever recorded. The Godfather strips his blasphemous funk until only the skeleton is left, but motherfucker those bones are made of lustrous fuckin' adamantium. For freaks of trigeminal-nerve shattering repetition like yours truly, this trilogy represents some of the purest examples of Unquestioned Rhythm. Fitting too, on Easter Sunday. Let's see what St. Julian has to say about "The Payback":

"And so, as we close The Payback down and wonder where all the time went, we consider had we not better just put it back on again and stare at the Moon for another hour. Obviously, I have a belief that real deep exploration of this period of James’ groove could bring finely tuned shamanic results. Of course the huge use of James Brown samples in modern music is evidence enough of our current need for this timeless rhythm. But, like the motorik Neu! groove which propelled much of the Krautrock-inspired late mid-90s music, the groove of The Payback, once-discovered or re-located, is there for us all to use not in a dance setting but as one of the accepted propellants of the modern urban meditation music."

Three albums in one file.

I don't know karate but i know krayzeee


  1. He's the man, dig it!
    Asi me gustan estos posts, 3x1
    keepin' the funk alive.

  2. Thanks for posting, I'm just now listening to James and loving it.