Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5ive - Telestic Difracture


"5IVE - Like a swirling vortex spinning towards infinity in the far reaches of outer space, the bilateral commission known as 5IVE is perpetually stretching the outer limits of the hearing threshold, proving the sonic postulation that one may not be able to hear, but can definitely feel those sub-harmonic registers below 20Hz. Through a veritable fleet of vintage speaker cabinets and a drum kit that packs enough wallop to fell a herd of elephant, 5IVE's
Ben Carr (guitars, amps) and Charlie Harrold (skins) have achieved the kind of instrumental post-Kyuss density that sweeps across the continental divide with a sense of inherent purpose and analog fidelity, exposing "stoner rock" as trite and ordinary once and for all. Eschewing binary code for the warmth and tone of the two-inch reel, this Boston duo have published their first jeremiad via Tortuga Recordings (initial pressing on vinyl only) with subsequent transmissions (and rumored appearance from Milligram vocalist Jonah Jenkins) to follow later this year. Surrounded by an ocean of garish mixed metaphors and run-on sentences, 5IVE have turned out the backdrop for a seething fever dream, the soundtrack for the arrival of the four horsemen. Repent or burn. (Tortuga Recordings) - J. Bennett


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