Monday, March 8, 2010

Three fer'

Stones Throw Records have recently released these three excellent compilations, get em.

"Funky fuzzy psychedelic tracks from 60s and 70s Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, South Korean and other exotic countries."

"Tropicalia Psychedelic Masterpieces, 1967-1976. The Heaviest, Rarest, Best Fuzz-Funk-Psych 45s From Brasil."

"Covers and music inspired by the Godfather of Afro-Beat. This Fela Estate-approved anthology includes rare and previously unreleased music from Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Trinidad and more."


  1. Chasm Filler es en el nivel!!! Fuck Stones Throw, even though they have all the best talent, they go apeshit about blogs posting their stuff---pirate radio for all!!! You guys rock!

  2. thanks for this excellent post! i love psychedelic shit from far reaches of the world!
    i really dig your blog. care to trade links with mine? Let me know!