Wednesday, March 3, 2010

King Tuff - Was Dead

As a musician, King Tuff falls somewhere between having a distinct point of view and being a full on parody of flaky '70s glam rockers. The King, as he likes to refer to himself, is a persona of Kyle Thomas, lead vocalist of the J Mascis side project Witch and freak folkers Feathers. In this incarnation, Thomas eschews both harder sounds of the former and the laid-back grooves of the latter to board a time machine for the era when it was still acceptable to dance to rock music. On Was Dead, King Tuff confidently returns to the land of the living with 13 lucky numbers that nicely evoke the era of feel-goeable rock 'n' roll.

para una cocodrila


  1. .JAJAJAJA! Gracias. Sigamos con estos intercambios. (Había olvidado por completo la historia de los cocodrilos).

  2. King Tuff was the best one in the 70's , so I think that I will look to some of his music online, because I really like this kind of music, thanks for sharing!!