Saturday, October 3, 2009

William Basinski - El Camino Real

And we continue with the posts for Mr. Duke with an overwhelming piece from Mr. William Basinski. Basinski is quite a colorful NYC character who, like Jeck, deals primarily with discarded media, in this case degraded and corroded tape loops he himself made years ago. He also subtly treats these tapes, resulting in an extremely delicate music that you can hear even "melting" or turning itself into ether. The memory games he plays with his work also make him a revered figure in the hauntology ranks.

"The sound was an orchestra's melody that floated out of a small tape loop... The peaceful string melody could pass for Muzak for a shopping mall or funeral home lobby... [but] the music was drained of its potential kitsch - only majesty and sadness were left." - Cameron MacDonald

Fuck Yann Tiersen


  1. Good looking out with this one. I've been meaning to download some of his stuff for a while now.

  2. and i totally agree, fuck yann tiersen