Monday, October 5, 2009

Gas - Koenigsforst

And we continue with albums for the Duke, this time my favorite Gas release. Gas is the project of Kompakt's founder and all around electronic music/techno maven Wolfgang Voigt, in which he aspires to reflect the sound of the "German Forest" and to create a "Germanic Popular Music" (yeah, sounds dodgy innit) using samples of German Romantic Composers and layers of synths and putting them through severe processing stress, the result being a smorgasbord of vaporous, magnificent sound.

"GAS is the vision of a sonic body between schönberg and kraftwerk, between french horn and bass drum. GAS is wagner goes glam rock, and hansel and gretel on acid. GAS is there to take you on a seemingly endless march through the under woods - and into the discoteque - of an imaginary, nebulous forest.

In his music, Wolfgang Voigt does not create a direct reference to the original sounds and or even the forest itself. He rather tries to reduce the "material" to its basic aesthetic structure by using different zoom, loop and alienation techniques in order to release it from its original meaning and context. His intention is to create a kind of aesthetic essence, a cave (detail/loop/repetition) where you can get lost.
and for all of you who think that this is too heavy to ingest, please accept this as wonderful music."- Raster Noton